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We are recognised as startup by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India in May 2019. Check our certificate validity on Startup India portal

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About Us

We are an Ed-tech company starting-up with an insight of providing the digital books to the 3rd to 12th students initially followed by other level students.

‘YES Pustak’ is derived from its company’s name, Yuvraj Education Services Private Limited and a book as called in Indian language, Hindi.

  • An Ed-tech company with its' product, "YES Pustak"
  • An additional Platform to the Publishers
  • For Primary, Secondary & Higher-Secondary students at first
  • A step toward making Smart-Schools
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Issues We have in hand

How are we solving these issues with the help of our YES PUSTAK

Heavy School Bags

The heavy school bags since ages are going to be lessened. The YES Pustak tablet shaped digital-book will be the all-in-one book.

Old School Experiences

The old learning experiences of reading the conventional hard books will be obsolete. We will alternate the old method with a futuristic experience.


A lot of trees are cut down every year for the paper manufacturing required for these hard books. With Yes Pustak we are going to be a bliss to our environment.

Books MRP

The books retail pricing are heavy due to its manufacturing costs and with YPP, YES Pustak Price will be the most effective best purchasing price of the books.

Wear & Tear of the Books

Due to books being ultimately of papers such issues occur where as YES Pustak is an electronic device that is free of such issues.

Availability of hard-books in smaller towns

We will be available to the students of remote places through YES Pustak even if there is a shortage of the hard-books in their town or village.

Have any questions?

We have a team of experts to answer any and all queries you might have get into the world of smart learning by connecting to us today. Feel free to connect to us for any query you have.


Why you need us?

  • Why do Students need YES Pustak?

    The curtailments of school bags weight for the students and up-dating the students with the new technology. Also, the spine-health of the students will get corrected.

  • Why do Schools need YES Pustak?

    They will have smart-books for their students. It will be an add-on digital feature to the schools in promoting them as the digitally accessed smart-classrooms or schools.

  • Why is YES Pustak required in Education System?

    It will support the Digital-India campaign, Smart-Education, Make-in-India campaign, Swachh-Bharat campaign and Start-Up India. It will save deforestation.

  • Why do Publishers need YES Pustak?

    It will curtail the cost-to-print and cost-to-distribution. It will secure their soft-content through us. They can increase their sales too.

  • Why do Parents need YES Pustak?

    It will save their money in procuring hard-books in total as compared to YES Pustak. And will also prevent their child’s spine-health.

Our Awesome Team

Meet our YES Pustak Family